Thursday, 1 May 2014

Thursday Thoughts: Reading Slumps

Thursday Thoughts is a new(ish) feature hosted by Ashley over Ok, Let’s Read. The topics look interesting and I’ve enjoyed reading posts from previous weeks, so I thought I’d finally join the fun! 
This week’s discussion centres on reading slumps. Just to pander to my logical side, I’m going to start with a definition: a reading slump is when you look at your TBR pile… and instead of feeling like Belle in a library, you just can't be bothered. This either means that you 1) read less, or that 2) the reading you do is a chore. 

Now at times, I do read less – but that’s usually because I’m binge-watching a TV show, incredibly involved a roleplaying game, or watching a lot of theatre. I worked out a long time ago that I need stories to function, and I don’t really mind where I get them from. Occasionally I’ll forgo reading because I’m busy hiking/ travelling/ board gaming/ hanging out with friends, but that never lasts very long; I always need to recharge with a book eventually. But that’s not a slump. I’m still excited about reading – I just happen to be waiting a little longer between books. 

I think slumps happen when you’re trying to read on schedule. You feel like you have to read, but nothing really appeals. This is partly about the books you have in your TBR pile, of course, but also about relaxation – maybe you’ve just been reading too much and want to take a break. I'm guessing this can be stressful if you’re a book blogger with a regular posting schedule. (Especially if you’re one of those machines that plough through 3+ books a week! Honestly, guys, I don’t know how you do it.) Personally, I try to switch genres first – fantasy for historical fiction, historical fiction for sci-fi, sci-fi for contemporary, contemporary for whatever. But if that doesn’t work, I take a break until I feel excited again... because ultimately, I know who I'm reading for. 

What about you?


  1. I don't know if I ever get slumps. Part of that is because I can't afford to have slumps, there is always a big tower of books waiting to be read! But even though that can be seen as "reading on a schedule" I don't know if I mind. Yes, there's my huge TBR but almost everything on it is something I feel worth getting excited about, so I'm never not looking forward to starting my next read. If that makes sense.


    1. It does! And there are so many good books out there... I think maybe having a big TBR pile helps though? So you can always find the right book somewhere.

  2. My version of a reading slump features not so much an unwillingness to read (to me, reading stands right next to breathing) but a difficulty in finding the *right* book. It usually happens after I've read a particularly good book: after I've finished it, every new book I pick up, no matter how good it is, feels... inadequate, somehow.
    Luckily for me, my TBR pile is so crowded that something always comes out to... break the evil spell!

    Oh, and I hear you about those people who read 3 or more books a week! There are times when I wonder if they have not found some time-dilation device that lengthens their days - and their free time - beyond human norm... It's the only explanation I can find! :-)

    1. Well if they have a timey-wimey device, I want one too!!

      Although I actually finished three books this week, feeling very proud. But that was mostly because I was on holiday and my VPN was down (so I only had very intermittent access to the internet!).

  3. I have said it before, I will say it again,I don't really have slumps because I refuse to read to a schedule. I will grab something from the library even if I have a pile of arcs waiting if that is the book that sounds better. It works very well for me.