About this blog

Inky Realms is - surprise surprise! - a book blog. You'll find lots of book reviews, and a clear fantasy focus; I escape my genre-ghetto occasionally, but don't make a habit of it. I like taking part in book memes, and also plan to post features on authors, book awards & writing in general.

About myself

This blog is run by Miriam, a hopeless bookworm and incurable geek. I love speculative fiction, gaming (tabletop RPGs & board games, mostly) and travel.

Review policy 

I am happy to review ARCs and other books. Email me with any requests.
  • My favourite genre is fantasy. 
  • I also like sci-fi, historical fiction, LGBT novels, and YA SFF.  
  • My preferred format is epub or mobi - I rarely read print and I hate reading pdfs.  

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